Life, Relationship and Family in Complex Times

My deep passion is engaging with people to meet life, family and relationship challenges with compassion, respect and opportunities to learn and grow.

Experience and compassion for individuals, couples and families

Life can be complex. I bring over 30 years of learning and clinical practice to resolving relationship or family struggles, parenting problems, stepfamily tensions, intergenerational challenges, and planning wills and estates.

Consensual Separation and Divorce

Many couples work together toward shared goals for the family post separation. I provide traditional, innovative and interdisciplinary services to support working together toward safe and stable resolutions to separation/divorce tasks.

High-Conflict Divorce Solutions

For some it is very difficult to restructure the family; sometimes court is involved. Independently and within interdisciplinary teams, I work to stabilize the family environment, protect the children and improve communication.

For private consultations to discuss results and options further, contact Dr Gamache directly. The cost of the DSS will be applied to your future consultation fees.

Divorce Self-evaluation Survey (DSS)

If you’re considering separation or divorce, you may have questions such as:

“Do we have to have lawyers? What if we want to do it ourselves?
“What about Mediation? Could that work for us?"
"How can I best help and protect my kids?"
"How can I get legal help without starting a fight?"
"I don't trust my spouse at all. What should I do?"

I designed the Divorce Self-evaluation Survey (DSS) to help you find answers to questions like these—and to ensure that you understand the processes and options available to you, ultimately helping you become an informed consumer of separation/divorce services.

How the DSS Works and What You Learn

You’ll take 15 to 20 minutes to complete a confidential survey. Your unique situation will then be evaluated based on eight essential elements used by professionals. Within minutes, you will receive a comprehensive report that identifies which divorce options will likely be a match with you.

After completing your survey, you will receive:

  • A unique DSS score
  • A comprehensive report describing the divorce options that match your score
  • A detailed description of how each option works
  • Clear suggestions for moving through the process well
  • An extensive resource list including publications and online information and services
  • Tips on how to find services near you.


Over the years that I have been working with individuals, couple and families I have developed a special focus in what is often called ‘marital transitions’; that is everything from separation and divorce through to remarriage and stepfamily development.  I have found that good ideas are very useful for the public as well as for professionals.  I have enjoyed writing articles  for public education publications, professional publications and peer reviewed academic journals. SEE ALL PUBLICATIONS