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Registered Psychologist (BC)
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (AAMFT)
Parent Educator
Media Consultant
Group Facilitator

Following a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Alberta in Psychology and French I lived and worked in different parts of Canada and enjoyed many different types of work and recreational activities:
· Teaching English as a Second Language in Montreal, Central Quebec and Northern BC
· Hosting a radio show
· Learning about Acupressure as a relaxation technique
· Working with troubled teens in residential care and in alternate schools
in Dawson Creek and later in Vancouver.

My Masters and Doctoral Degree in Counselling Psychology at SFU and UBC I:
· working with many different therapeutic approaches and populations
· focused research in both programs on children and families through separation,
divorce and remarriage.

In conjunction with the BC Council for Families and The Stepfamily Association of America (SAA) and many Family Services agencies in Greater Vancouver I provided:
· Parent Education
· Media Consultation
· Board Membership (SAA)
· Training across the US from 1995 – 2001 (SAA)
· Training in Vancouver in 1999 (SAA)
· Facilitation for local Stepfamily Support Groups

Throughout my studies and work with the public I would frequently think – “There has got to be a more respectful and family centered way for people to reach agreement in divorce”. In 1999 this ‘better way’ came to Vancouver in the form of Collaborative Divorce or Collaborative Law. (Also known as Collaborative Practice).

In the Collaborative Practice community, my involvement has or does include:
· Founding member of the Vancouver Collaborative Divorce Group (1999)
· First Mental Health Co-chair of the Vancouver Collaborative Divorce Group (1999 – 2001)
· Board member of International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) 2003 - 2006.
· Collaborative Divorce Coach
· Collaborative Child Specialist
· Trainer (2001 - )
· Group Facilitator (2007- )

As a Marriage & Family Therapist it is my responsibility to do everything in my power to help marriages stay together and to resolve the problems of the day. Separation and divorce are risky activities for families no matter how well the transition is managed. To this end I have adapted new and innovative techniques that provide a stronger and safer forum for Couples on the Edge© and couples who wish to work towards Reconciliation.

At the same time I recognize that with 40% of marriages ending by choice, some marriages indeed will end despite our best efforts. In these cases it is my professional responsibility to support and educate my clients to hold fast to the highest possible aspirations for a safe, emotionally intelligent and informed transition for the family, particularly for the children.

Current Professional Memberships and Activities
· College of Psychologists of BC
· BC Psychological Association
· American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
· BC Marriage & Family Therapists
· International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
· Vancouver Collaborative Divorce Group
· American Association of Conciliation Courts
· Adjunct Professor, UBC, Law
· Organizational Psychology Peer Supervision Group
· The Strength Deployment Inventory
· Certified Facilitator

· PNDC Enthousiast


2002 Association of Continuing Legal Education for Professional Excellence
Award for Best Program
Nancy Cameron, QC and I are course developers and co-chairs
2000 President’s Award for Research, Training and Advocacy
BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
1999 Randy Gerson Memorial Grant
American Psychological Foundation
Awarded for graduate work that advances theory, assessment, or clinical practice in family and/or couple dynamics in family systems
1999 Faculty of Education Research Grant (UBC)
1993 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Doctoral Fellowship (4 years)

Main Publications

Gamache, S. (2005). Collaborative Practice: A New Model to Address Children's Best Interest in Divorce. Louisiana Law Review.

In N. J. Cameron Collaborative Practice: Deepening the Dialogue. (2004).
Published by Continuing Legal Education, British Columbia.
1. Gamache, S. The Role of the Divorce Coach
2. Gamache, S. The Role of the Child Specialist

In S. M. Gutterman Collaborative Law: A New Model for Dispute Resolution (2004).
Bradford Publishing.
1. Gamache, S. Therapists as Collaborative Team Members
2. Gamache, S. Child Specialists as Collaborative Team Members.
3. Gamache, S. Divorce Coaches as Collaborative Team Members
4. Gamache, S. Collaborative Law in Divorce and Separation

Gamache, S. (2003). Is It Therapy? The Collaborative Review; Journal of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals 5(1).

Gamache, S. (2002). What a Divorce Coach Can Do For You; Welcome to the Olympics. The Collaborative Review; Journal of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals 4(1).

Gamache, S. (2002). Collaborative Separation and Divorce. The Collaborative Review; Journal of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals 4(1).

Gamache, S. (1999). Introducing a New Metaphor for Divorce and Remarriage. Stepfamilies: Providing Educational Support. Published by Stepfamily Association of America.

Gamache, S. (1997). Building Your Stepfamily: Blueprints To Success. British Columbia Council for Families.

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