Understanding Yours elf As A Team Member | Team Communication Through Conflict

My practice has evolved to include teams in corporate or workplace settings. Creative teams hold a special interest for me.

Everyone needs to be able to communicate sufficiently to the task at hand. Everyone contributes to team dynamics in ways that are clear and in ways that are not so clear. We can accomplish so much with an effective team. Equally, getting stuck in conflict or the fear of conflict can damage morale, productivity, creativity and the well being of all team members. The good news is that resolved conflict strengthens teams and increases wellbeing. The choice is ours.

Understanding Yourself As A Team Member - Through Good Times and Bad


This 1-day workshop introduces participants to a powerful system of understanding teams and conflict. Using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) a team building tool, I provide working teams the opportunity to learn about what they need to feel good as team members and how they shift and change when they experience opposition or conflict.There are many different ways to be a great team member; we are not all the same. This process shows participants what is important for each person to feel good in a team and also what happens when the team runs into trouble. How we shift and change as we experience opposition and conflict is important information for ourselves and for our team mates. 

The estimates are that roughly 85% of team conflict is unwarranted – that is due to different styles rather conflicting objectives. Reducing unwarranted conflict creates rich possibilities for teams to get the job done and enjoy each other in the process.

What corporate clients have said:

What Susan brought us was a safe method to discuss issues that had been plaguing our ownership team for years, issues which we'd been afraid to talk about with each other. I only wish we had brought Susan in sooner.
- Film maker

I have completed several types of personality and team dynamics systems in the past. Susan’s approach provided a fresh and insightful view that gave me a new perspective on my own style and those in the team. It is fast, and provides a better depth of insight on personality and team styles than other business oriented personality inventories.
-Operations Manager
Private Medical Clinic

Spending the day with Susan and the SDI allowed the staff to see each other for who they are rather than a version of themselves that is doing something wrong.
-Vice Principal
Eaton Arrowsmith School

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