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I put a dollar into one of those change machines.
Nothing changed.
- George Carlin

Couples on the Edge©

If you feel that your relationship is in serious trouble and you can see the possibility of separation from where you are right now, there is something you can do about it. Even if you have seen couple counselors already, or if one of you has already decided it’s over, I can help you with a new approach developed for these most difficult situations. I cannot guarantee that your relationship will stay together, but I can promise that if both parties are willing we can slow things down and create a safe and controlled forum for those very difficult conversations. This approach offers hope in managing power imbalances and resolving cycles of chronic conflict. Contact me to find out more about this most highly supported forum.


Absence really can make the heart grow fonder. If you are looking for an opportunity to explore reconciliation, I can help you create the most highly assisted therapeutic forum possible. In this forum we have the control to create the safety to explore topics that have been too hot or too disruptive to handle – and get through them to the other side. Although I cannot guarantee that your relationship will continue, I can promise that once we get through places that have been chronically stuck or inaccessible, much is possible that was not possible before. Contact me to find out more about this most highly assisted forum.

Stepfamily (Remarried Family) Consultation and Counselling

Stepfamilies, like all families, have their challenges. When creating a stepfamily, there are many useful things to learn at the beginning, that can help you to avoid or lessen the impact of many of the universal experiences that stepfamily members have. In fact, many of these experiences are so common that I can honestly say that these issues do not say much about you. However, what you chose to do about them says everything about you.

I work with stepfamily members, in new stepfamilies or well established ones, to understand the common pitfalls and their unique characteristics and resources in order to strengthen all the relationships in the new family.

Together with the BC Council for Families, I have created a parent education booklet for new stepfamilies – Building Your Stepfamily – Blueprints for Success. It is available individually for under $5 or in bulk through the BC Council for Families. To date over 5,000 copies of this booklet have been distributed in Canada and internationally.

Stepfamilies that I see for consultation receive a complementary copy of this booklet.

British Columbia Council for Families

National Stepfamily Resource Center (Formerly the Stepfamily Association of America )

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