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As a general practitioner, I have training and experience in many approaches to psychotherapy. I find it useful to think about my work in four interrelated categories of physical, emotional, cognitive and meaning-making or the big picture. Our theories and psychotherapeutic approaches tend to address one of these aspects more directly than the others. However, in the end, all these elements are intertwined to create this 'one life' that we each have.

Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times,
it is the only time we’ve got.
- Art Buchwald

I have been influenced in my work by many traditions including but not limited to:
Family Systems & Family Development Over the Life Span
Child Development
Relationship Development Theories for Parents and Adult Relationships
Building Resilience in Self and Relationships
Narrative Therapy
Communication Approaches
Problem-solving Approaches
Conflict Resolution Approaches
Therapeutic techniques that enhance awareness of ourselves and our choices
EFT–a take home technique for restoring calmness in emotional turbulence
Spiritual aspects of the therapeutic process
Energy Psychology
John Gottman – Habits of Effective Couples
Brian Atkinson – Neurobiology of Love
Dan Siegel – Interpersonal Neurobiology
Bill O’Hanlon – Spirituality in Psychotherapy

I strive to create a collaborative partnership with my clients in which we are equal but different in that we each have something unique to contribute.

With Individuals, I have worked to help my clients to:
Survive and thrive through difficult life transitions
Understand and move forward in problematic relationships
Address anxiety and destructive emotions
Find personal truth and integrity through grief and loss

In the often overlooked tradition of Marriage Preparation I assist new partners to learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills in critical areas BEFORE they need them. This is particularly important for second marriage families or stepfamilies.

I work with Couples in counseling to
Recognize and resolve relationship difficulties
Develop communication skills for intimacy
Learn how to make conflict safe and constructive

For Families I provide psychotherapeutic support for:
Marital problems
Parenting Education and Support
Addressing children’s concerns
Moving past sibling conflict
Addressing family relationships that are stuck or in chronic conflict
Working to resolve tensions with extended family

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