In this website you will find a description of the professional services that I offer.

As a life-long learner, I am continually curious about new ideas and am excited to expand my professional life to include them. As Ken Wilbur suggests, the best innovations create something new, yet don’t leave anything behind.

Although I work in a number of different areas, to me they are all part of a natural evolution of the same thing – all part of one professional life. From an unexpected beginning in a group home in northern BC to a therapy and consulting practice in Vancouver as well as training and facilitating internationally, I am passionate about creating opportunities for authentic engagement and aspire to leave every situation better than I found it. Whether I am working with an individual who is suffering, a couple in conflict, a practice group struggling to create understanding and cohesion, or trying to find the right word to articulate a training idea that is just on the edge of my awareness, it is all inspired by the same basic intention.

Mark Nepo writes “Live deeply enough and there is only one direction.”

It is my privilege to share in the creation of forums to help others identify their direction and to take their next steps. I am eternally grateful to those who have helped me with mine.

I believe that when we have all our senses working together - our instincts, heart, head and higher vision and values - our direction becomes clear and we can resolve that which is in front of us. From there we can do anything we are truly passionate about.